Psychic Highlights

Mediumship Development

I found that not only was I linking with my guides and the guides of those who came to me, I was also linking with spirits of the deceased. This was apparent at a session at a Psychic Fayre I laid out the Tarot cards to undertake a Tarot reading. A man coming through to me who had died in tragic circumstances, I tried to ignore him and carry on with my card reading.

He continued to give me messages for the person to whom I was trying to do a psychic reading. I knew I had to put the cards away and tune into him. It was amazing, as this spirit was once the son of the gentleman who I was reading for and this gentleman had been hoping for some contact from him for some time.

I had never met this gentleman before, and knew nothing of his loss, and I didn’t know I was such a good medium so we both had quite a surprise that day. I went on to obtain Mastery in Mediumship through studying with Tony Stockwell famous Medium who has the TV show ‘Street Psychic’, ‘Psychic School’ and ‘The Three Mediums’.