Welcome to my psychic world, many of my enquirers have inspired me to write a biography about my psychic background and development. Here is a condensed version of events leading up to present day.

Psychic Awareness

I can recall that since the age of 5 was aware of another dimension as I saw and ‘felt’ the presence of spirits around me. My intuititive ability seemed to come and go and I now recognise the coincidences and synchrinicity relating back on my life. As a teenager I was drawn to an old lady who read the tea leaves.

This lady introduced me to the spiritualist church in London and my ability became much clearer from that moment. I realised my curiousity was in fact my calling. It was a time of spiritual growth, tuning in and learning to become aware of of another dimension.

Tuning In

As I learned to tune in to information being received from those around me I began to feel the emotions of the people I linked with. I saw images, colours and snippets of information relating to their past, present and future. Words would just pop into my mind and sometimes a scene would be displayed in front of me.

As I followed through a series of symbols and actions in the scene I relayed this information and found I was in fact doing an intuitive reading. I started to become aware that I was being guided, but, I could not quite put my finger on who was guiding me. I went to meditation groups and and learned to relax and to focus my awareness.

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Public demonstrations

Dinner with Tony Stockwell

Entertaining the staff

Ruth Langsford and Ian Stirling

One to one readings

Reading at a wedding

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